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differences between sexes

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - no, scratch that, we're all from Earth

Much has been written on the differences between men and women and helping us understand each other through those differences.

However, this approach to developing understanding and meaningful connections is heavily dependant on cultural conditioning. If everyone has the same kind of background then it works OK, as far as it goes, but there is a level deeper.

Although there are some real and fairly obvious differences between men and women (and if you need those pointing out, you might need more help than this blog can provide), actually when it comes to what matters most in relationships we have more things in common than we have differences.

Woman or man, we have a common pool of emotional and physical needs.

Underneath our various masculine and feminine roles, we all (in different ways) deeply value things like affection, support, understanding, respect, honesty, acceptance, humour, passion, companionship, freedom, security, and more besides.

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