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generally happy, except...

I'm generally happy with my relationships. There's just a few things I'd like to work better.

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  • My sex life is the main area I'd like to change (or other issues with physical attraction).

    • Sex life? What sex life? For some reason the mutual chemistry isn't there from the start.

    • It's great for a while but then the passion just ebbs away.

    • I, or my partner, find it hard to relax, or to 'let go'. (Including feeling shame, frustration, or orgasm and 'performance' issues.)

    • I am (or my partner is) sexually attracted to other people, even though we love each other. I feel bad about it.

  • I'd like to understand and be understood by those closest to me better.

    • Sometimes I just don't know how to say what I'd like, without risking upsetting them.

    • I find it hard to show that I understand, without them thinking that I'm analysing or judging them.

    • I'd like to be closer and share more feelings. I want intimacy, but I don't want to come across as needy or strange.

  • I'd like my partnerships to be more intimate and long lived.

    • There's a point were a great relationship starts to become hard work, even though we still have chemistry. Finding someone else is no trouble, but I'd like more of a solid partnership, that stays fun.

    • I actually don't mind having short relationships at all, except that it seems like something I should grow out of.

    • It's not that we fall out, it's just that things get less interesting and exciting, or we don't have a sense of what we're building together. I don't know how to stop that from happening.

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