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About the book

"Healthy Loving Relationships" is for people who would like to have happier, healthier and more loving relationships than they currently do. It draws on a broad range of understanding and experience to deliver practical, tried and tested advice and useful insights.

Relationships can be both simple and very complex things. "Healthy Loving Relationships" takes a personal, straightforward approach, exploring principles along with practice.

This book steers away from laying down 'rights' and 'wrongs'. Instead, it embraces the fact that people - and good relationships - come in all shapes and sizes.

Besides many specific examples, the guidance within focuses on those common, underlying principles that help everyone find happiness in relationships, regardless of age, sex, preference or background.

This is no a dry text book, but the result of years of real life learning from someone who really knows what it's like to feel utterly stuck, confused and frustrated in the area of personal relationships – and who found a way through, to understanding, success and happiness.

The focus is on resolving the obstacles that can block our path to having a healthy, loving, intimate relationship, being happy in yourself, developing a beautiful connection - and building a foundation that will help you have lasting success in your relationships.

There are certain steps in love and life that when you take them, you experience an incredible sense of inner freedom and joy, steps which free you from old conflicts or which allow you to connect with the love you're looking for. But first realizing what those steps are, and then summoning the will or the bravery to take them can be very challenging. "Healthy Loving Relationships" aims to assist you on that journey.

If you'd like to read some free samples from the book, check out Free chapters.

What stops many of us having the relationships we'd like?

Several things. How we view relationships, our perception of our resources, an unwillingness to change or learn, destructive internal dialogues, and fear of rejection, intimacy and judgement, to name a few. But change is possible!

Sometimes just a few shifts in perception can lead to big changes. Have you ever seen, heard or done something that gave you a sense of inner confidence or peaceful contentment? In that moment it was your perception of yourself (in relation to the world) that changed - and it is our perception that shapes our landscape of possibilities. As your awareness and control of your mind grows, so does that landscape of possibilities for healthy, loving relationships.

Is there really a 'secret' to successful relationships?

In short, no, not really, sorry. Since when has anything worth making had one quick and easy step to achieving it? It takes personal commitment, the willingness to risk 'failure' and the willingness to change our perspective and learn.

"Healthy Loving Relationships", is a friendly and honest guide to help you along the way, whatever point you're currently at.

In this book learn how to:

  • Resolve the obstacles that can block your path to having the healthy, loving relationship you want.
  • Overcome fears of intimacy, rejection and judgement.
  • Meet people and develop a beautiful connection.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your friends, family and loved ones - and be better understood.
  • Turn conflict into collaboration.
  • Have a more fulfilling sex life.
  • Be happy in yourself.
  • ... and much more!

Some more of the unique points and highlights from "Healthy Loving Relationships":

  • It's straight to the point. The information in "Healthy Loving Relationships" is concise and presented in an engaging and personal manner. No filler.
  • It's practical. The book is stacked full of examples which demonstrate the principles and show you straightforward ways of applying them in your life.
  • Champions a holistic approach that will enrich all areas of your life (thereby also making your relationships stronger and more fulfilling).
  • Leaves you to decide what type of relationships you want, according to your needs and values.
  • Shows you how to develop more social confidence in a powerful, totally natural and unforced way.
  • Combines both methods and practical tips with the underlying principles for happier relationships, so you can really understand and make them your own.
  • Broad but detailed content: from dealing with unhelpful internal dialogues, to overcoming fears of rejection, to resolving conflict peacefully and dealing effectively with anger and judgement, to practical tips on having great conversations and great sex (and how to lead up to it naturally), to how to form commitments in relationships that work well for everyone.
  • Shows you how to build mutual support in a loving relationship - without feeling tied down with a sense of obligation, guilt, or responsibility for another person's happiness.
  • Helps you to better understand and accept whatever suffering you may be going through regarding relationships – which puts you in a stronger position for taking constructive action.
  • Shows you how to stop being lonely - whether currently alone or in a relationship. Provides you with clear ways of forming the kind of beautiful and rich connections with people that you'd like.
  • Gives you the information you need, so you can stop worrying 'Do they love me?' and start giving a relationship the best chance it has of bringing everyone happiness.
  • Doesn't insult your intelligence by suggesting you can find happiness in relationships by applying some system of charm, seduction or other manipulation.
  • Relevant to many types of relationship, from lovers and life partners, to friends, family, colleagues, and from client care to care work.
  • Relevant for both men and women, straight, gay or bi-sexual.

You can browse the contents of the book on Amazon and Google:

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